Hews Review


Vol 26, No. 37


GH! Board Breaks Through Barricade

By Robert Philleo At last Thursday’s regular meeting, the GHI Board instructed the manager to take appropriate corrective action against an arbitrarily erected chain link fence in the 26 court of Ridge. Three families in the court had previously complained that the ungated (mesh) fence blocked the rear yard walkway, the court’s

only formal access.

A separate motion (by Bill Helm) requested

the affected member, who was present, to take down the barrier by August 11, with the board placing the present policy, on main- taining unobstructed rear yard walkways, before the entire mem- bership at the next opportunity. This was agreed to by the mem- ber, and the motion passed by 5 to 3.

The member accused GHI of in- equitable treatment, alleging that many violations of present policy on rear yard walkways are unde- tected or tolerated. GHI manager, Paul Campbell, acknowledged the previously unknown violations, which were discovered as a result of a recent joint GHI-city study on walkway jurisdictions. The study in- volved on-site inspections of GHTI walkways to determine those prin- ‘etpally used by the public, and therefore city responsibility. The formal results of the study are pos- ted on two maps in the GHI mana- ger’s office. One of the maps indi- cates brick home yard lines, here- tofore unspecified.

The manager’s recommendation for a tie-in walkway between pre- sent public walkways near 26 Ridge and 4 Gardenway was ap- proved pending petition to the city to share costs on a 50-50 basis. The manager was also directed to ex- plore with court members the es- tablishment of an aisle and walk- way between the two courts. A mem- ber with an unauthorized obstruc- tion of the walkway at 3 Garden- way was instructed to secure con- sent of other court members. To round out the discussion of walk- way obstructions, the board una- nimously reaffirmed the present pol- icy prohibiting obstructions and di- recting such obstructions shall be so removed.

25th Anniversary Plans Revealed

A brief outline of activities sche- duled during the month of October in observance of Greenbelt’s 25th birthday was discussed at a meet- ing of the Silver Anniversary Com- mittee last Wednesday. Highlights include a concert by the Second Army Band a tour of the Goddard Space Flight Center, and a Grand Ball at the Armory. Foremost event of the month, of course, will be the appearance of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt the evening of October 23:

Harry Zubkoff, Chairman of the Silver Anniversary Committee, sum- marized the activities already sche- duled. On Sunday, October 7, the Second Army Band will give a con- cert from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Ar- mory. Before and after the concert a display of space satellites and re- lated objects will be exhibited by the Goddard Space Flight Center in the Armory. On Sunday, October 14, the Space Flight Center will have open house for Greenbelters from noon to 5 p.m., during which time guided tours of the Center's facilities will be conducted. On Tuesday, October 23, Mrs. Roosevelt will speak in Greenbelt, an event which will receive national and in- ternational coverage. Climax of the month-long celebration will be a Grand Anniversary Ball, to be held at the Armory on Saturday, Octo- ber 27,

Other events and exhibits will al- so take place during the month.

Lt, William

First Lt. William N. Gray, 29, of 10-B Southway, was killed on Friday, August 11, when his diving F-100 Sabre jet crashed during the war games in South Carolina. Gray, a National Guard pilot, leaves his wife, Clara. and his father, Albion R. Gray of Washington.

Land Use Problem

A request to purchase or lease GHI land on Northway for a de- tached home _ precipitated the Board’s interest in re-examining the GHI land use plans. The ab- sence of criteria to evaluate the single request before the board un- derlined the need. for careful ex- amination of all facets of land use.

A citation and an engraved ga- vel and sounding block were pre- sented to Edward Burgoon for his service to GHI as president from 1955 to 1962. Board members paid additional tribute to his outstand- ing and exemplary public service.

The board officially accepted GHI manager Paul Campbell’s resigna- tion with regret. The News Re- view’s editorial commemorating Campbell was read into the min- utes. The open house to recognize Campbell will be held August 17, from 8:30 to 10 p.m. at the GHI offices.

Thursday, August 16, 1962

Talk on Integrated Housing

Guest speaker in Greenbelt Com- munity Church this Sunday at 10 a.m. will be Dr. Lewis I. Maddocks, formerly Professor of Political Science in Wooster College, Ohio, and a Presbyterian. He will speak on racial barriers in housing and discuss the reasons commonly given for opposing integrated housing.

Dr. Maddocks is presently Wash- ington Secretary for the Council for Christian Social Action of the United Church of Christ and is in the Washington office of the Na- tional Council of Churches, with responsibility for providing infor- mation to the churches, maintain- ing liaison with their public inter- est agencies, and rendering such special services as the Executive Director of the NCC Washington Office and the CCSA might require.

Member of Golf Team

James Galvin, 8 Orange Court, was a member of the six-man U.S. Junior Golf Team, which defeated the Mexican Juniors at a two-day International Match at Columbia Country Club. Jimmy, who was in the 15-year old division, tied in the two matches on Thursday, Au- gust 9. He was defeated in the team match Friday morning, but won his singles match that afternoon by 4 and 3 against Jose Palacios of Mexico.

Our Neighbors

by Elaine Skolnik - GRanite 4-6060

Ben and Ethel Rosenzweig, 4-E Crescent, are delighted that their son, Martin, and his wife, Susan, will be visiting them next week. The young couple have just re- turned from Bologna, Italy, where Susan received her certificate for completing studies at the Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins Uni- versity School of Advanced Inter- national Studies. During their stay abroad they visited Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London and other Euro- pean centers of interest. From Greenbelt, Martin and Susan will head for Iowa State University, where Martin was awarded a gra- duate assistantship.

A very happy birthday to Natalee Fisher, 2-H Gardenway, who will be 14 years old on August 19.

Michael Garin, 10-A Hillside, sold his outgrown toys and sent the pro- ceeds to Bill Gold. The $4.44 will benefit Children’s Hospital.

Sorry to have omitted Mike Con- ley’s name last week in the list of youngsters participating in the Backyard Carnival, which netted $31.70 for Muscular Dystrophy.

Happy-happy birthday to Charles and Kathleen Snyder, 12-H Plateau. Charles was six on August 3 and Kathleen was four on August 6. A double birthday celebration was held in Edmonston, Maryland, with Greenbelt cousins, Donald and Bren- da Shumate, 10-F Southway, in at- tendance,

SP/5 Daniel Boone of the United States Army is home for good after serving in the Motor Pool of the Sig- nal Battalion in Germany. Dan and his wife, Judy, will reside at 10-B Plateau.

The Markley family, 14-D Ridge, have just returned from a trip to California. Gary and Stevie, their noses pressed against the jet’s win- dow were fascinated by the view as they flew cross country. Their par- ents’ comment, “We have a beau- tiful country”, reflected the same sentiment. In California, they visi- ted Norma Kerns Varoshi of Liver- more, Maryland. Norma, a former resident of our city, was probably the first “Miss Greenbelt.” The Markleys also spent a joyous whirl- wind day at Disneyland.

It’s a boy for John and Lanette

Cain, P. O. Box 133, Greenbelt. July 28 was the important date.

A last-minute adjustment in the scoring gave Rick and Margie Thompson first place in last Fri- day’s duplicate bridge game. Their 36 points just nosed out the Al SKol- nik-Howard Savage combine with 35% points. Third place was a tie between the teams of Dale Frese- George Kaufman and Lou and Lu- cille Lushine. Next game: Friday, August 24.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowder, 6-A Crescent, are the proud parents of a son. Clay Spencer was born Au- gust 4, weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. He joins a brother, Todd.

Our condolences to Mrs. Clara Gray, 10-B Southway, on the death of her husband, William.

Joseph D. Ausilio, 36-R Ridge, celebrated his 5th birthday on Au- gust 11.

Congratulations to City Manager Charles McDonald on a new grand- son, Thomas Joseph, Jr. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mc- Donald of Chillum.

Jack Dillinger, 20-N Hillside, ex- hibited some of his paintings al- ong the sidewalk outside the Uni- corn Cafe, 1710 17th St., N. W., at an outdoor art show held this past weekend. Dillinger held a one-man show at the Twin Pines office last year, y |

pe Th Sti

Annual Cub Scout Picnic

Jack Lewis and Ralph E. Noble of Pack 746, of Mowatt Memorial Me- thodist Church, Greenbelt, will be assisting at the big annual picnic and roundtable for Cub Scout fa- milies of Prince Georges County at the Riverdale Recreation Center on Saturday, August 18, from 4 p.m. until dark. Gill Encinias, as- sistant district commissioner, is in charge of the special event, to which all Cub Scout families are invited. Supervised games, Pinewood Derby tracks, “Gold Rush” with midway games, and ceremonial Indian Dan- ces around a campfire are some of the features of the event to- gether with presentation of themes of the year for Cub Scout leaders. Each family is to bring its own picnic supper.

Council Considers Bresler’s Proposal for Joint Planning

by Sid Kastner : i

City council began its regular Monday night meeting at a lei--

surely pace, with the dry topic of insurance bids, and ended up with

a spirited discussion of whether a community should allow a de- veloper to share in its planning responsibilities.

The exchange was prompted by the subbmission of the Advisory Planning Board's report on a pro- posal, by the developer, Charles Bresler, for the joint development of a master plan. The proposal es- sentially would provide for the pre- paration of an over-all land use plan and detailed parcel plans, at an estimated cost of $8000, with the city and developer sharing this cost equally.

Reasons given by the board for rejection of the proposal were that some of the contemplated work has already been carried out or is in progress (by the board and the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission) and that joint financing of a master plan could lead to conflict of. interest on the part of the developer.

Police Rews Review

On Tuesday of last week, a resi- dent called and complained of van- dalism to his car, stating that tail lights and antenna were missing this time but that on previous o¢- casions, other things have also been taken from his car. This happens in the area of 16 Ridge.

A resident of Southway called police to investigate a possible case of breaking and entering. Investi- gation failed to show signs of ille- gal entry into the house but tools were found scattered inside and the television set showed signs of being tampered with.

A North End resident notified police that her little girl had been struck by a bicycle. Her head had been cut, and she \was taken to a doctor for treatment. The parents of the child riding the bike were contacted and they agreed to pay the medical bill.

A case of littering at the end of Ridge Road near the water tower was reported last Wednesday. In- vestigation of the debris turned up an envelope with a resident’s name on it. The person was con- tacted and made to clean the area.

An off-duty Greenbelt policeman spotted a car on the Parkway with furniture being carried on top of it. The furniture was burning. The policeman went on to report the fire but when the equipment arrived on the scene, the car was gone. On the side of the road rested the burning chair.

A call came in to the police office asking for assistance because a dog had gotten, his hind paw caught near the bottom of one of the kit- chen cabinets. Buddy Attick, head of the Public Works Department, went to the house and freed the animal.

On Thursday, a resident spotted a speeding car near the Center and reported it to police. The suspected Speeder was apprehended through identification of the reported li- cense number, but the complaining party did not wish to make any charges and therefore the man was released.

A fourteen vear old girl was questioned by police on charges by a resident that the girl broke the windshield of a car. The girl’s par- ents agreed to pay the repair bill so no further action was taken.

On Saturday, the owner of the laundromat complained to police that one of their machines had been broken into and an undeter- mined amount of money. stolen.

Birner Heads School

Rev. Edward H. Birner has ag- ain been invited to be dean of the Advanced Lutheran Service Volun- teer School, this time at Huron College in London, Ontario, Can- ada, from August 19 through the 24th. He previously served in the same capacity at Wilbraham Aca- demy, Wilbraham, Massachusetts in July.

This training school for youth group leaders, aged 15 - 18, is pre- sented under the joint sponsorship of the Walther League, which is the official youth organization for the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, and the Board for Young People’s Work.

Councilman Dave Champion though he moved to accept the board report, voiced strongly his. opinion that the city might be over- looking an excellent opportunity to achieve effective planning by work-~ ing with the developer. He quoted from the general plan of the MNC- PPC to support his contention that the report was vague in certain respects and probably would not be carried out for several years,

Clifford Simonson, speaking for the board, expressed the view gi- ven in the report that developer participation would represent a con- flict of interest, and also noted that the developer-would not actually be bound by the joint plan. Cham- pion and Mayor Francis White re- plied that they felt the developer’s own interests would ensure compli-. ance with sound planning.

Councilman Thomas Canning mo-- ved that the developer’s proposal be: rejected, giving as his main reason reluctance to commit taxpayers to paying for any part of a private development. However, Ben Gold-. faden spoke against the motion, saying that he was undecided and felt it was better to wait and dis- cuss the matter with the developer, Canning thereupon moved to table his motion, and the participants agreed to continue the discussion Tuesday night.

(Bditor’s note: After further dis- cussion at the Tuesday meeting, council again tabled the motion to the next regularly scheduled

_ meeting.)

Insurance Bids

Insurance bids’ on such city items as workmen’s compensa- tion and comprehensive liability were awarded to Nationwide In- surance Co., which submitted low bids in five out of seven items. A. H. Smith Co. had the low bid for smooth seal road treatment, al- though council members were kept: busy with calculations before this; fact was established.

Other forthcoming city expenses: were detailed by city manager Charles McDonald, who gave en- gineering cost estimates for the following capital improvement. items: Greenhill Road completion -— $700, Northway sidewalks $150, Northway widening - $150, Wood- land Way paving and gutters - $475.

A request was made by W. Ste- venson, on behalf of Lakeside resi- dents, for $335 for garden mater- ials to plant in Lakeview circle. Council members felt, however, that the Center mall had a higher prior- ity at the present time, and on a motion by Goldfaden authorized less expensive seeding or sodding of the circle instead.

Police Chief

A major item for discussion at the Tuesday night meeting of coun- cil was a job description for the post of police chief. On a 3-2 vote, council agreed on a set of qualifi- cations which are detailed on a classified advertisement on the next page.

After tabling the motion on the Bresler proposal and authorizing 15 days’ advanced sick leave for Ruth Fredericks, night switchboard op- erator, who is currently in the hos- pital, council adjourned till next Monday night. At that time, they will continue with discussion of this week’s agenda (probably about 9 p.m.) following an executive session.

Berwyn Barbers Winners

The Berwyn Barbers of the Green- belt Slow-Pitch League have just completed one of their most suc- cessful seasons by knocking off the Collegians in two games out of three for the League championship.

Led by manager Nellie Goodall and backed by such Players as Tex Sparks, Bob Murray, John Lewis, Neal Vaughan, Bill Moore, Bud Bauer and Al Dean, to name a few, they compiled an imposing 10 ana 2 record in regular League play and then came on to win the first game by a score of 11 to 2 and the second game 11 to 3 to walk off with the championship.

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